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General Rules

  • Calabogie Motorsports Park is open between the hours of 7:30 AM and 7:00 PM on an Event Day.
  • Online pre-registration for an event is mandatory.    
  • Pre-signing of the “Release of Liability Waiver” is mandatory prior to arriving at the track.
  • This should have already been provided to you after registration or by the organizing club’s event that you are attending.
  • No paper waivers available at the gate.
  • Non-participants or guests are welcome to attend the event with you however, they must have signed the same waiver as was sent to you. If they have not signed the waiver, they will be denied access at the gate. No exceptions will be made.
  • Fully electric vehicles of any make are not permitted to run on the track as per our insurer.
  • No drones permitted at any time. You will be removed from the park if you are found to be flying one.
  • Please use the recycle containers under the tent area.
  • Do not place flammable items into garbage cans.

Paddock Regulations

  • Pets are welcome and must be on a leash at all times.
    Note: Pets are not permitted inside any building or washroom.
    Please clean up after your pet or you will be asked to leave the park.
  • The paddock speed limit is 20km/h at all times. Anyone exceeding that will be removed from the park.
  • Fuel is available at the Turn 21 store located in the middle paddock. Both 91 and 94 octane are available at the pumps.
  • Race fuel can be ordered in advance with Stinson Fuels by calling 613-623-4207. Fuel will be delivered to you at the park.
  • The Turn 21 store carries your favorite Calabogie Motorsports branded apparel along with drinks and snacks.
  • Use of car jacks, jack stands or kick stands permitted only when properly protecting the asphalt.
  • Oil and coolant waste disposal stations are found at multiple locations throughout the paddock. Refer to the site maps for their specific locations.
  • Please take empty fuel tanks, propane tanks, broken parts, engines, tires etc. home with you. These items are not to be left in our garbage cans.

Sound Testing Procedures

We are all guests of the Calabogie community and must adhere to the following limits.
  • Sound testing must be completed once per year and each time your exhaust has been modified.
  • Stationary test - Sound levels will be measured 15 feet in front and behind the vehicle while the engine is revved at 2/3's of redline of the tachometer.
  • For cars the average should be no more than 100 dbA with no single reading over 104 dbA.
  • For motorcycles the average should be no more than 98 dbA with no single reading over 100 dbA.
  • Pass-by Test - With the vehicle under full acceleration on the track, a reading will be taken from 50 feet. The maximum level allowed is 92 dbA.
If you are found to be unable to meet these limits Powersports Garage may be able to fix any issues onsite and can be found in the lower paddock or at 613-316-5841.

Overnight Stays

If you are an event participant, you can stay the night prior to and during your event in an RV or tent with the following guidelines:
  • We do not have any general public camping.
  • No arrivals before 5pm the day before your event.
  • Some events will require later arrival times and those will be communicated by your event organizer prior to your event. 
  • You will have 2 hours after your event concludes to vacate the facility.
  • Quiet time is between 8:00 PM and 7:30 AM, this includes loud music and generators.
  • No open fires or fireworks.
  • No tent pegs into the pavement.

Track Walks

  • Track walks after 7:00 PM are permitted, but please be aware track staff may still be performing maintenance or clean-up.
  • You may walk, run, bicycle, skateboard or rollerskate. Absolutely no golf carts, scooters, or motorized vehicles of any kind are permitted after 7:00 PM. You will be fined and removed from the park, no exceptions.