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The video introduction below will give you a short overview of what to expect when arriving at Calabogie Motorsport Park for the first time.

To Do: Pre-Check-in

  1. Log into your account if you have not already done so.

  2. Click on "My Account", then go to the "My Events" tab

  3. Click on "View & Manage" for this event

  4. Click on START to begin pre-check-in

  5. Sign the WAIVER, click save

  6. Sign the TECH FORM, click save

  7. Upload a photo of your driver's license or other photo ID

  8. Your pre-check-in status will display "Completed" when you're done.

To Do: Build Your Learning Plan

We've built an online learning system into our website which is used to educate, track and evaluate skills. This system is also used to move drivers into higher run groups.
For instructed run groups (First Timer, Novice), your instructor will work with you and use this system to evaluate the items in your Hot List, updating the status of those skills and/or leaving notes for you.
For non-instructed groups (Novice Solo, Intermediate, Advanced), you are still encouraged to use My Learning, build a Hot List, and work with your group leader via check rides so they may update your learning plan, as this is what is used to evaluate potential moves to the next higher run group.

To Do: Get Vehicle Numbers

If you know you need numbers, PRE-PURCHASE THEM ONLINE NOW! 
(If you added them onto your event registration, no further action is needed.)
We will NOT be accepting cash at the event.
Pre-purchasing these now will greatly speed up the check-in!
Numbers will be randomly assigned and you will NOT be able to choose or request a specific number. You will receive your purchased numbers when you check-in.
Numbers are required on all vehicles driving on track. You may bring your own as long as they meet requirements (more on that here). 

What to do when you arrive at the track?

When you arrive at the event:
  1. Enter the facility through the main gate located at the end of Wilson Farm Rd.
  2. Choose a spot to park - anywhere is fine, so long as it is not in front of a garage or the first rows directly in front of the large white tent.
  3. Empty vehicle of ALL loose items! (everything - floor mats, car seats, tools, luggage, etc.)
  4. Make sure you keep your driver license and helmet in the vehicle
  5. Proceed to the sound check booth located in just past the gas pumps in the middle paddock area.
  6. Proceed to registration office on the second floor of building #5 (Large angled building covered in solar panels behind the gas pumps.
  7. At registration you will be issued your driver packet which will contain the schedule, run group decal, driver wristband, and any other info you will need for the day
  8. DECALS: small run group decals go on the top corner of the windshield (driver's side below your sound check sticker)
  9. WRISTBAND: driver wristband goes on your LEFT wrist
  10. NUMBERS: one on each side of the car (doors or rear windows)
  11. Attend the mandatory Driver Meeting (check your schedule for time and location)

Review: Schedule

Please note: the LIVE SCHEDULE and YOUR SCHEDULE is the best place to view while at the event.
Both of those get updated in real time if any changes are needed. 

  • The above link is only valid on the day of the event.
  • The live schedule is always displayed on a screen at Hospitality during events.

Log in and click on "My Account" -> "My Events" -> "View & Manage".

Please note: the LIVE SCHEDULE and YOUR SCHEDULE is the best place to view while at the event.
Both of those get updated in real time if any changes are needed throughout the event. 

Review: What should I bring?

Review driver requirements here.
The above link covers:
  • Helmet requirements

  • Clothing requirements

  • What to bring to tech inspection

  • Other useful items to consider bringing

Review: Vehicle prep

Review the vehicle requirements here!
Included at the link above is:
  • General requirements

  • Vehicle prep guidelines

Review: Polices, rules and requirements.

Review all Policies, Rules & Requirements listed under the "Drivers" menu at the top of our website navigation bar.
Read all rules and make sure your vehicle is qualified and that you have adequate safety equipment because all fees are strictly non-refundable as per our Refund, Purchase, & Cancellation Policy.

Review: Facility map